Drive Solutions for Individual Project Requirements

For more than 50 years, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been a renowned supplier of solutions for almost all industry sectors requiring conveyor technology. Our drive components and systems are indispensable wherever objects have to be moved because all movement requires drives – as efficient and safe as possible. This is proven by the great number of references from various industries for which NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has delivered application solutions that are also tailored to the respective project requirements.

Food & Beverage

Durable solutions for seafood processing

Baader, MOPOS, Octopi Brewery, Arnreiter, Zotter, TMCI, Treif, Brauerei Forst, G. C. Evans, Wild Goose Canning

Intralogistics & Airport

Drive Systems for Parcel Distribution

Hamburg Airport, BCS, Chronopost, Symach, Baggage Handling Conveyors USA

Steel & Metals

SMS Group steel mill in Bahrain

SMS Group, Comeco Trading AB, Delta Steel Technologies

Bulk Material Handling

Gravel pit machinery solutions from NorStone in Norway

SMIL, NorStone, WISCO, H+E Logistik, Lachenmeier, JPM Inc.

Other Markets

Ground view of the Gemasolar Solar Power Plant in Torresol, Spain

Linthal, Legg, Torresol, STROS, GinD, Ekato, ONAS, Theater Duisburg, DHP Technology, ShowFab