Helical Bevel Gear Motors

High Torque Capacity With Industry Leading Ratio Range

These geared motors provide output torques of up to 442,500 lb-in, are washdown capable and can be provided with innovative corrosion protection if required.

Bevel gear motors – Powerful and low-maintenance

NORD bevel gear motors are the best choice wherever high speed ratios and torques are required. Our drive systems, consisting of an AC electric motor and a helical bevel gearbox, are ideally suited for use on conveyor belts as well as in intralogistics and packaging technology.

Compact, Highly Effective Drive Unit: NORD Helical Bevel Gear Motors

Regardless of whether you choose the lightweight aluminum alloy or the rugged cast iron design: bevel gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS operate with ultimate efficiency over the entire range of speed ratios.

Additional advantages of NORD helcial bevel gear motors:

  • Powerful
    They achieve torques of up to 442,500 lb-in (as industrial gear motors up to 2,200,000 lb-in).
  • Corrosion Protection
    Optional surface treatment with nsd tupH protects the bevel geared motors even in harsh, demanding environments (two-stage bevel gear unit).
  • User-friendly
    Infinite life, high efficient gearing ensures long service life with low maintenance.
  • Flexible
    The direction of rotation between the input and output shaft can be easily reversed.

The Classic: UNICASE Helical Bevel Gear Motors

This gear motor offers a torque range from 1,593 to 442,500 lb-in while incorporating a compact, space saving right angle design. Like all other NORD bevel gear motors, the motor is optionally available with a variety of options such as brakes, encoders and blower fans.

Even More Power: Our New Two-stage Helical Bevel Gear Motor

With our two-stage helical bevel design we have optimized performance even further: They are now one of our most powerful bevel gear motors.

As a standard, we manufacture two-stage helical bevel gear units with a high strength die cast aluminium housing, which can be optionally supplied with with NORD's nsd tupH sealed surface conversion.
nsd tupH effectively protects the housing against corrosion and has distinct advantages in comparison with conventional paint systems: It cannot flake and is extremely sratch resistant. This is due to a special additive which, in contrast to paint, forms a permanent bond with the underlying aluminium alloy.
nsd tupH makes surfaces extremely resistant to acids and alkalis and offers users a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel reducers.

Find out more about our innovative nsd tupH sealed surface conversion
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Helical Bevel Gear Units for the Food Industry

We have developed our two-stage bevel gear motors in a solid housing version (SK 930072.1 - SK 93772.1) specficially designed for use in washdown applications (ex. in the food industry). This version features a smooth and easy to clean cast aluminium housing which prevents the accumulation of dirt/debris.

Do you want to know more? Read how you can benefit from NORD washdown drive systems.
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Helical Bevel Gear Motors for Intralogistics

In combination with an IE4 synchronous motor, our two-stage bevel gear units become the energy efficient LogiDrive system for intralogistics. LogiDrive drive units have a large overload capacity and greatly reduce operating costs thanks to their high efficiency. Due to their modular structure, users also achieve considerable savings in maintenance costs.