Helical Bevel Gear Motors

High Torque Capacity With Industry Leading Ratio Range

These geared motors provide output torques of up to 442,500 lb-in, are washdown capable and can be provided with innovative corrosion protection if required.

Bevel Gear Motors – Powerful and Low-maintenance

NORD bevel gear motors are the best choice wherever high speed ratios and torques are required. Our drive systems, consisting of an AC electric motor and a helical bevel gearbox, are ideally suited for use on conveyor belts as well as in intralogistics and packaging technology.

Compact, Highly Effective Drive Unit: NORD Helical Bevel Gear Motors

Regardless of whether you choose the lightweight aluminum alloy or the rugged cast iron design: bevel gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS operate with ultimate efficiency over the entire range of speed ratios.

Additional advantages of NORD helcial bevel gear motors:


They achieve torques of up to 442,500 lb-in (as industrial gear motors up to 2,200,000 lb-in).

Corrosion Protection

Optional surface treatment protects the bevel geared motors even in harsh, demanding environments (two-stage bevel gear unit).


Infinite life, high efficient gearing ensures long service life with low maintenance.


The direction of rotation between the input and output shaft can be easily reversed.<br><br>

<h2>The Classic: UNICASE Helical Bevel Gear Motors</h2>

This gear motor offers a torque range from 1,593 to 442,500 lb-in while incorporating a compact, space saving right angle design. Like all other NORD bevel gear motors, the motor is optionally available with a variety of options such as brakes, encoders and blower fans.

<h2>Even More Power: Our New Two-stage Helical Bevel Gear Motor</h2>

With our two-stage helical bevel design we have optimized performance even further: They are now one of our most powerful bevel gear motors.

As a standard, we manufacture two-stage helical bevel gear units with a high strength die cast aluminium housing.

<h2>Helical Bevel Gear Units for the Food Industry</h2>

We have developed our two-stage bevel gear motors in a solid housing version (SK 930072.1 - SK 93772.1) specficially designed for use in washdown applications (ex. in the food industry). This version features a smooth and easy to clean cast aluminium housing which prevents the accumulation of dirt/debris.

Do you want to know more? Read how you can benefit from NORD washdown drive systems.

<h2>Helical Bevel Gear Motors for Intralogistics</h2>

In combination with an IE4 synchronous motor, our two-stage bevel gear units become the energy efficient LogiDrive system for intralogistics. LogiDrive drive units have a large overload capacity and greatly reduce operating costs thanks to their high efficiency. Due to their modular structure, users also achieve considerable savings in maintenance costs.