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As one of the global industry leaders for mechanical and electronic drive technology, NORD stands for quality, reliability, and flexibility. Our innovative modular products include energy efficient, robust drive solutions consisting of gear units, electric motors, industrial gear units, VFD drives and motor starters for both decentralized and control cabinet installations. We offer reliability and short lead times thanks to our high production capacities and an international network for assembly and customer service.

LOGIDRIVE - intralogistics drives solutions

Application Example:

Energy efficient, standardized, service friendly.
The LOGIDRIVE® solution from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® reduces planning and commissioning efforts.

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Application Example:
Food and Beverage, Intralogistics

The DuoDrive and NORDAC® PRO are ideally suited for the food and beverage, intralogistics, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Extremely high system efficiency
  • High power density
  • Compact, wash-down design
  • Intelligent systems with a wide range of network communication options

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Application Example:
Mixing and Agitation Processes

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are ideally suitable for use in large mixers. Here we have a complete solution with 22 HP motor with mounted NORDAC® FLEX variable frequency drive.

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Wide Range of Industry Expertise

NORD® provides drive solutions for more than 100 industries. Our comprehensive modular products and our wide range of industry competence make it possible to provide the optimal solution for every application.

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