Sustainability (CSR)

Principles of responsibility influence our business activities

As a globally active company, we assume our responsibility locally on site and also in our business areas all around the world. We and our employees want to improve continuously, whether in occupational safety or in optimisation of procedures with our suppliers. Economic, profit-oriented development and environmental protection and energy savings are not understood as conflicting interests but rather a common goal.

Company Policy and Code of Conduct

The satisfaction and success of our customers is the focus of our thoughts and actions. Our mission statement and our values form the holistic approach with which we reconcile economic efficiency and sustainability in all fields. This does not only include innovations in energy efficiency but also employee-oriented behaviour as well as a global and collaborative network.

This Company Policy applies to all subsidiaries and business units of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, and is binding for the management board, all managers and employees. We expect our suppliers to pursue the same values, objectives and management approaches. For this reason, the Code of Conduct must also be observed by contract partners working on our premises.

Within the meaning of our Code of Conduct, we assume responsibility by considering the consequences of our business decisions and activities in economic, technological, social and ecological terms, and appropriately reconciling interests.

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German Sustainability Code

The German Sustainability Code supports companies in the development and optimisation of a sustainability strategy. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS aims to reconcile economic efficiency and sustainability. Regular reports on the sustainability process allow us and our customers to track our company’s development.

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According to the Whistleblower Directive, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has set up a system to report infringements. Reports are directly forwarded to our external ombudsman's office, FIRST PRIVACY GmbH in Bremen, Germany, where it will be kept confidential and, after a first review, will be forwarded to our internal compliance office for further consideration.

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ISO 14.001 certificate

The international environmental management standard ISO 14.001 requests companies all over the world to proactively improve their environmental impacts.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one if the companies that have been ISO 14.001-certified, and that have committed themselves to avoid environmental pollution and to continuously improve our environmental impacts.

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UN Global Compact – Network Germany

The UN Global Compact is a pact concluded between companies and the UN that shall make globalisation more social and more ecological.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has signed the UN Global Compact and is thus one of more than 16,786 participating companies that has committed itself to sustainable and responsible corporate management.

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