Frequency Inverters

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NORD produces frequency inverters and servo controllers for the necessary power electronics Inverter solutions are available both for classical installation in switching cabinets as well as for decentralised and fully integrated drive units.

NORD Electronic Drivesystems has developed and produced electronics components since 1984. Profit from our many years of know-how with innovative products and great flexibility. Our product range includes electronic motor starters, frequency inverters and servo controllers from a single source.

Cabinet Frequency Inverter

SK 500E

SK 500E Frequenzumrichter Frequency Inverter 0,25 - 160 kW

Decentral Drive Solutions

SK 180E

Frequenzumrichter SK 180E 0,25 – 2,2 kW

SK 200E

NORD Frequenzumrichter SK 200E / NORD Frequency Inverter SK 200E NORD AC Vector Drive SK 0,25 - 22 kW


SK 700E

SK 700E 1,5 - 160 kW