Food & Beverage

Drive Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the world's leading suppliers of drive solutions for the food and beverage industry. With thousands of drives already installed, NORD offers comprehensive application knowledge for your industry.


    The process requirements in the food industry differ considerably. NORD offers a large number of different drive units for all fields. This includes hygienic and corrosion-resistant or explosion-proof drive solutions.


    NORD DRIVESYSTEMS develops and produces scalable drive solutions for the beverage industry. From processing to filling to packaging of beverages, NORD supplies energy-efficient and powerful drives.

Meat & Poultry

    To cover the exceedingly high demands of the meat and poultry industry, NORD has developed an extensive portfolio with hygiene-friendly drive technology. The corrosion-resistant drives are easy to clean and provide a long-time resistance against acids and alkalis used for cleaning.


    The demands of the dairy industry for drive systems are very tough and require specific solutions that can withstand the aggressive environment during production and cleaning. NORD offers not only individual drives but a whole portfolio of hygiene-friendly drive technology for this purpose.


    The NORD product portfolio is suited for both heavy loads in dough production as well as the necessary precise handling of dough sheets, realized by using the intelligent closed-loop control of frequency inverters. In addition, NORD ex-proof products guarantee absolute reliability within explosive atmospheres.

Fish & Seafood

    The ambient conditions during fish and seafood processing are harsh. The damp and salty environment considerably reduces the service life of painted drive units. nsd tupH surface treatment from NORD offers corrosion protection for all aluminium products. It is resistant and therefore a cost-effective but powerful alternative to stainless steel.


    The special requirements in the processing of grain, by filling and emptying of your grain silos, as well as the storage of grain, demand holistic solutions. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers complete drive solutions from a single source.

Worldwide trade fairs for Food & Beverage:

Country   Trade Fair City Date Booth
US IPPE Atlanta, GA 2022-01-25 - 2022-01-27
FR CFIA Rennes 2022-03-08 - 2022-03-10
ES Meat attraction Madrid 2022-03-08 - 2022-03-10
DE Anuga FoodTec Cologne 2022-04-26 - 2022-04-29
IT iPack/Ima Milan 2022-05-03 - 2022-05-06
DE iffa Frankfurt/Main 2022-05-14 - 2022-05-19
AU FoodTech Brisbane 2022-07-07 - 2022-07-08
DE drinktec Munich 2022-09-12 - 2022-09-16
CN CBB Shanghai 2022-10-12 - 2022-10-15
DK Foodtech Herning 2022-11-01 - 2022-11-03