Worm gear motors

Tailor-made drive technology

Thanks to their universal housing, NORD Worm Gear Units can be quickly and simply configured for a wide range of applications.

NORD Geared Motors with Worm Gear Units – Tailor-made drive technology

Worm Gear Units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS especially show their strength in applications in which high gear ratios are necessary. Our orm geared motors are therefore optimally suited for use in intralogistics, packaging technology or the food industry.

Four good reasons for NORD Worm Geared Motors:

  • Robust
    Our worm geared motors have a high overload capacity
  • User-friendly
    Wash-down versions enable simple and efficient cleaning of the drive systems.
  • Corrosion Protection
    Surface treatment prevents the formation of rust.
  • Flexibility
    Our modular components give users maximum freedom.

The modular system for maximum flexibility: Our UNIVERSAL SI Worm Gear Units
There are countless applications for drive systems, and each of these has its own specific requirements. With SI Series UNIVERSAL Worm Geared Motors you can combine all components as needed for the application.

UNIVERSAL Worm Gear Units impress with their high power density and low space requirements.

In addition to universal gear units with the basic housing, we also offer many more components which can be easily configured. We will also be glad to assemble the individual components for you.

Find out more about our modular SI Worm Geared Motors!

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Smooth and Clean: The UNIVERSAL Worm Gear Unit SMI
Especially in hygienically sensitive industries such as the food or pharmaceutical industries, plant and components must be easy to clean. Because of this, our SMI series UNIVERSAL Worm Geared Motors have a smooth surface.

We supply these geared motors optionally with IEC or NEMA motors or with direct coupling-free motor mounting in flange or foot-mounted versions.

UNICASE Worm Geared Motors: Compact and efficient
In 1981, NORD engineers developed a UNICASE concept, which combines all elements of the gear unit in a one-piece housing. At that time, no-one guessed that this design would become the global standard for gear unit housings.

The reason for the success of our UNICASE housing is simple: Through the compact arrangement of all gear unit elements, geared motors achieve higher drive torques and a higher axial and radial load capacity. Our electric motors with worm gear units are also available in this version.

Read here how our UNICASE Worm Gear Units have optimised the logistics of the French postal service provider Chronopost.

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