Solutions for Packaging

Efficient. Flexible. Scalable.

NORD is a proven leader in providing high-efficiency, reliable drive systems to the Packaging industry. Our account-specific engineers and project managers will help you configure a solution that is highly-specialized, Industry 4.0-ready, and a precise fit for your needs. NORD designs, engineers, and manufactures drive solutions for all packaging applications, including:

  • Roller, belt, and chain conveyors
  • Dosing and sorting machines
  • Filling and sealing equipment
  • Stacker cranes
  • Palletizers
  • Case packers
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Storage and retrieval systems

Solid aluminum and cast-iron housings make NORD drive systems tough. These rugged units are also sophisticated enough to execute precise, servo-level operations , giving you both long service life and incredible flexibility in one comprehensive solution. They can also accommodate a wide range of input options, mounting styles, and shaft designs. Additionally, NORD products are:

  • Designed for quick installation
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Compact and energy efficient
  • Have high overload capacity
  • Able to be precisely positioned
  • Designed to reduce the variants in your system
  • Offer integrated PLC functions

Modular Products Configured to Your Needs

NORD’s modular components allow for over 20,000,000 standard configuration options that are engineered to meet demanding application requirements, without the need for costly custom components. They also give you the flexibility you need while being reliable, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

The Right Options for Your Success

NORD’s advanced VFD technology and rugged gearboxes work in unison to streamline operations, avoid costly downtime, and keep routine maintenance to an absolute minimum. This keeps your system running efficiently and saves money over the lifetime of the units.

NORD also provides other options that are ideal for packaging operations, including:

LogiDrive: The Complete Drive Solution for Conveyor Systems

NORD LogiDrive™ is a complete decentralized drive package that greatly reduces commissioning and engineering efforts for conveying systems. The system is modular, minimizing the number of variants and making it easier to maintain and saving Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) costs for the operator. LogiDrive systems include:

  • A high efficiency NORD gearbox
  • IE4 or IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
  • Decentralized variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Power plug connector
  • M12 signal connectors
  • Incremental encoder
  • Pre-assembled cable
  • High overload capacity
  • Standardized hollow bore or solid shaft diameters
  • Efficiency at partial load and low speeds

The LogiDrive interface is intuitive and allows for easy monitoring and control of all units within the system. LogiDrive systems can also be paired with the NORDCON APP with NORDAC ACCESS BT Bluetooth stick to provide real or near-real time drive status to proactively predict maintenance issues, keeping your system running smoothly.

Support Before and After the Sale

NORD’s focus is on you - the customer. Our experienced, highly-skilled teams will work with you to find the right solution for your application and provide fast, flexible delivery options. NORD is also committed to serving you after the sale with:

  • A global supply chain that is reliable and will get you the products you need quickly
  • NORD 911 emergency support
  • myNORD select, configure, order, and track products with our online customer portal
  • Online Parts Shop order spare and replacement parts quickly
  • Training on new products, technologies, and regulations that affect your industry
  • Documentation including 3D/2D drawings, co-branded literature, and more
  • Project development available at any phase of your project
  • Project logistics including automation options and order/delivery processes

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IE5+ synchronous motors (TENV)

Efficient. Hygienic. Compact

  • Performance: 0.5 HP - 3 HP
  • Protection class: IP69K
  • Efficiency class: IE5+
  • Optionally available with nsd tupH and IP69K
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Compact and hygienic design
  • Constant high efficiency over the entire adjustment range

SK 300P - NORDAC ON/ON+ - frequency inverter

Optimised by focus

  • EN Power range: 0.37 - 0.95 kW, available from mid-2023 up to 3 kW
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • Wall or motor mounting
  • Ethernet communication for integration
  • Plug-and-Play solution for fast commissioning

NORDAC PRO - SK 500P - Frequency Inverter

A single product with many advantages

  • Power range: 0.25 - 5.5 kW, also available up to 22 kW from mid-2022.
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Multi-protocol Ethernet interface
  • USB interface for voltage-free parameterisation
  • Multi-encoder interface for multiple operation

NORDAC LINK - SK 250E - Frequency Inverter

Rapid installation, simple maintenance

  • Power range: 0.37 - 7.5 kW
  • Protection class: IP55, IP65
  • Wall mounting
  • Simple installation and maintenance due to full pluggability
  • Free configuration for your application

NORDAC FLEX - SK 200E - Frequency Inverter

Greater flexibility, lower costs

  • Power range: 0.25 - 22 kW
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • Wall or motor mounting
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to modular structure

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