Conveyors & Conveying Equipment

Drive solutions for bulk goods conveying

Conveyors differing with regard to the conveying direction (horizontal, vertical, inclining, declining), mass flow, conveyor length, and construction are needed to convey the bulk goods from process step to process step. Reliable and robust drives made by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS ensure an uninterrupted material flow.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers complete drive solutions from a single source

MAXXDRIVE® Right-Angle Gear Units

Industrial gear units

  • Performance: 2.0 - 2,850 HP
  • Torque range: 132,800 - 2,301,200 lbf-in
  • High strength precision-made one-piece housing
  • Modular and flexible design for optimum adaptation to your application
  • Low running noise

Standard motors

Asynchronous motors

  • Performance: 0,16 HP - 75 HP
  • Global approvals and acceptances
  • Efficiency classes: IE1, IE2, IE3

NORDAC FLEX - SK 200E - Frequency Inverter

Greater flexibility, lower costs

  • Power range: 0.25 - 22 kW
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • Wall or motor mounting
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to modular structure

H+E Logistics

Drive systems for conveyor drives passing under London

The London Crossrail extends the London public transport network with a new east-west connection. Not only H+E Logistik GmbH is involved in the construction, but also NORD. In order to transport the heavy "London Clay" out of the drilling shafts, the company relies on NORD drive technology for its conveyor systems.


NORD geared motors for Durance Granulats quarry

SMIL uses NORD drive systems for its new conveyor system in the Durance Granulats quarry. NORD supplied a comprehensive, individually adapted solution for the special requirements of the conveyor belts.


NORD reduces costs with geared motors

NorStone's gravel pit uses NORD drives because they can easily withstand the harsh weather conditions thanks to their special surface finish and can also move heavy loads effortlessly in continuous operation.

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