Total Cost of Ownership

Our goal is to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. These include all costs associated with the purchase, operation and recycling of a drive system. The NORD modular system makes a customised reduction of versions possible at the time of purchase. With the help of efficient drive solutions from NORD, energy costs incurred can then be reduced significantly. In addition, our online tools facilitate spare part management for the relevant industries.

Our high-efficiency motors are equipped with effective PMSM technology. Here, a stator similar to an asynchronous motor’s stator is used whilst the rotor is equipped with permanent magnets. The standard asynchronous motor options can still be used: the terminal box and connection terminals are identical and the motors have no load-dependent slip. This efficient technology prevents excessive efficiency losses in the partial load range.

Cost reductions

Synchronous motors reveal their full potential in applications with a partial load range and low speed ranges. Systems such as baggage handling and post and parcel processing can achieve significant cost savings through the use of synchronous motors.

High cost reductions are achieved over the entire product life cycle. However, they only have a short payback period thanks to low additional investment requirements.

PMSM means energy efficiency:

  • Due to (over)fulfilment of the highest efficiency regulations
  • Significantly TCO reduction
  • High efficiency even in the partial load and low speed ranges

High-efficiency motors

The IEC 60034-30 standard defines the efficiency requirements for IE4 motors by way of efficiency data. Correspondingly high levels of efficiency are guaranteed by synchronous motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS based on permanent magnet technology. NORD supplies synchronous motors with frame heights from 80 to 100 mm and power ratings up to 5.5 kW.

The new generation of NORD IE5+ synchronous motors is manufactured in-house for use in intralogistics as well as in the food and beverage industry. Our motors feature a compact and hygienic design in a very small space and thus ensure high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. They are compatible with all gear units and frequency inverters from the NORD modular system.

Product Highlight IE5+ synchronous motors:


Two become one.

  • Power ranges: 0.35 - 1.5 kW
  • Extremely high system efficiency
  • Compact wash-down design
  • Maintenance reduction
  • System solution for simple commissioning and plug & play

IE5+ synchronous motors (TENV)

Efficient. Hygienic. Compact

  • Performance: 0.5 HP - 3 HP
  • Protection class: IP69K
  • Efficiency class: IE5+
  • Optionally available with nsd tupH and IP69K
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Compact and hygienic design
  • Constant high efficiency over the entire adjustment range

NORDAC PRO - SK 500P - Frequency Inverter

A single product with many advantages

  • Power range: 0.25 - 5.5 kW, also available up to 22 kW from mid-2022.
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Multi-protocol Ethernet interface
  • USB interface for voltage-free parameterisation
  • Multi-encoder interface for multiple operation

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