Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

Our goal is to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These include all costs associated with the purchase, operation and recycling of a drive system. By using highly efficient technology in combination with a consistent version reduction and standardisation, a significant optimisation of life cycle costs is possible. NORD offers a wide range of innovative products and services, assisting you in reducing your system’s total cost of ownership.

The NORD modular system makes a customised reduction of versions possible at the time of purchase. With the help of efficient drive solutions from NORD, energy costs incurred can then be reduced significantly.

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Drive optimisation completely from a single source:

Holistic approach

Be it performance, efficiency, number of versions, installation space or maintenance effort: We take all important factors into consideration and implement tailor-made solutions.

Individual analysis and consultation services

Raise and use potential: Our engineers support you in all drive-related questions – from design to energy monitoring.

High efficiency technologies

Innovation is our strength. Our motors, gear units and frequency inverters are state-of-the-art or even ahead of their time.

High-efficiency portfolio: Gear unit, motor and drive technology

Our high-efficiency portfolio offers a modular system that is optimally matched in terms of energy – perfect for reducing TCO.

Reduction of versions / standardisation

With a reduction of versions, you benefit from an optimised system operation and significant cost savings over the entire service life of the drive.

Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance

Continuous conditioning monitoring can reduce downtimes and increase the total system availability.

Tailored plug-and-play systems

NORD drives are extremely easy to service and maintain: Pluggable connections facilitate installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Efficiency and costs balanced perfectly

Higher efficiency and lower service and maintenance effort with reduced total costs of ownership? Only NORD offers this.

Cost reduction

85% of a drive’s life cycle costs are incurred during operation: Energy costs, administrative costs, service and maintenance costs, training and documentation, personnel costs, spare part stocking as well as failures and downtimes but also costs for recycling and disposal. Aspects like energy efficiency, operational reliability, maintenance costs and version reduction are therefore essential for TCO optimisation. The long service life and the low maintenance of NORD drive systems also have an especially positive impact on the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership.

NORD supports you with the

  • Evaluation of savings potential
  • Efficiency increase of your system
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of service and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of drive versions

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NORD drive technology optimises TCO

A most effective measure for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership is the use of highly effective synchronous motors. Developed by NORD, these motors have an efficiency class that is sometimes even better than IE5. The current standard in Europe is efficiency class IE3.

Synchronous motors reveal their full potential in applications with a partial load range and low speed ranges. Systems such as baggage handling and post and parcel processing can achieve significant cost savings through the use of synchronous motors. High cost reductions are achieved over the entire product life cycle.

Save energy, optimise costs:

  • Through NORD electric motors that are significantly more efficient than the standard (up to IE5+)
  • Through geared motors with high efficiency levels and excellent overload capability
  • Through frequency inverters with energy-saving function for partial load and partial torque ranges
  • Together, this results in a rapid Return of Investment (ROI)

S5210 - LOGIDRIVE - Drives for Post & Parcel, Airport and Warehouse

S5210 - LOGIDRIVE - Drives for Post & Parcel, Airport and Warehouse
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M5000 - IE5+ Synchronous Motors

M5000 - IE5+ Synchronous Motors
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S1970 - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO

S1970 - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO
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Our new high-efficiency portfolio

We developed our high-efficiency portfolio with focus on highest energy efficiency, maximum power density and the best possible user-friendliness. It consists of the patented DuoDrive geared motor, the integrated IE5+ synchronous motor and the NORDAC ON frequency inverter. It is the ideal solution for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

IE5+ synchronous motors

Efficient. Hygienic. Compact.
The new generation of NORD IE5+ synchronous motors are manufactured in-house for use in intralogistics as well as in the food and beverage industry.

DuoDrive with integrated IE5+ motor

Two become one.
DuoDrive is a revolutionary integrated gear unit/motor concept in a hygienic wash-down design. A highly efficient IE5+ motor with a single-stage helical gear unit in one housing.

Drive electronics

Innovative configuration
Frequency inverters and motor starters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are available as centralised solutions for control cabinet installation or as decentralised versions for use in the field. Decide for yourself, what is the best for your application.

Reduction of versions and standardisation

A reduction of versions aims to provide an economically viable coverage of the required speeds and torques within a system, using a minimum of different drive versions. It holds the second largest savings potential over the entire life cycle after energy costs. By way of a targeted reduction of versions, it is possible to minimise administrative expenses and to set up leaner logistics, storage and service processes. There is a conflict of goals between the conflicting areas of energy efficiency and version reduction. The better the efficiency of an electric motor, even beyond the nominal power, the greater the possibilities for the reduction of versions. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has a suitable modular system, the relevant expertise, extensive experience and knows the way to the optimum.

NORD ECO: Individual analysis of your applications

Would you like to know what savings potential your system offers and how you can best increase efficiency? Our NORD ECO service analyses your installed drives on site with regard to energy efficiency, dimensioning and number of versions and creates a tailor-made drive concept for your applications to reduce life cycle costs.

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