Parallel shaft geared motors

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Parallel shaft gear units / Parallel shaft geared motors from NORD Drivesystems are supplied in two product series to meet the individual requirements of each application:

  • Unicase, one-piece, parallel shaft gear units with the highest efficiencies, combined with energy-efficient motors and central or decentralised frequency inverters provide versatile system solutions with the highest levels of efficiency and economy
  • Industrial Gear Unit up to 242.000 Nm


UNICASE helical shaft, motoriduttori pendolari ad assi paralleli UNICASE

973 - 885 000 lb-in
0,16 - 250 hp

4.03:1 - 6 616.79:1

Industrial Gears

Industriegetriebe bis 240.000 Nm, Industrial Gear Unit, riduttori industriali

224. 000 - 2,196,000 lb-in
3,0 - 2,950 hp

5.54: 1 - 30 000 : 1

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