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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is expanding its Polish site in Wiechlice

NORD is expanding the factory in Wiechlice in Western Poland to almost three times its previous size. Apart from the extension of the existing factory hall, a new geothermal system will be installed.

Bagteheide, 2023-06-28

In Wiechlice in Western Poland, the second Polish production site of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS after Nowa Sól, the innovative IE5+ motor is manufactured. Although only established in 2019, the site already no longer offers sufficient space for the required production capacities. Therefore, the existing factory hall will be extended from two sides. This will almost triple the current area from 11,000 m2 to 32,000 m2. This expansion is necessary due to further increasing demand for the IE5+ motor and other electric motors.

Construction works started in April 2023; the opening is expected in the second quarter of 2024. Currently, around 10,000 motors are produced at the site per week. After the expansion, the production is planned to be tripled. The workforce of currently 220 employees will also significantly increase.

Environmentally friendly geothermal system

In the course of the expansion, an environmentally friendly geothermal system will also be installed. A total of 52 boreholes – each up to 250 metres deep – will allow for the extraction of heat from the earth that can then be used for CO2-free heating of the factory halls. From a geological point of view, the premises in Wiechlice are extremely suitable for the use of geothermal energy. This is part of NORD’s sustainability strategy and a good opportunity to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.