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Optimum control of mobile pumps

Thanks to their functional and optional versatility as well as a wide power range of up to 22 kW, decentralised NORDAC FLEX frequency inverters are ideally suitable for use in mobile pumps.

Bargteheide, 2021-08-24

Mobile pumps, for example for the wine industry or floor grinding and cleaning machines, usually place high demands on the drive control. With the NORDAC FLEX SK 200E, NORD provides the right solution. The decentralised frequency inverter features scalable functions as well as a high precision regulation and can be mounted directly on the motor or installed close to it on the machine. The inverter generates the control voltage itself and can be easily controlled and operated locally using a switch and rotary potentiometer. Using the inverter's integrated PLC, the device can perform minor logic functions autonomously.

Perfectly matched to mobile pumps

Extending into low speed ranges, the drive control prevents strong turbulences. The drive systems ensure a high-resolution flow setting and – at the same time – can measure the density, temperature and volume of the media using external sensors. In addition, the inverter ensures smooth starting and stopping of the motor, enables – with dedicated sensors – self-regulating speeds adapting to specified pressure ranges, and provides effective protection against dry running.

Mobile conveying and dosing with NORDAC FLEX:

  • Smooth flow thanks to high precision regulation at low speed
  • Integrated PLC ensures high performance
  • POSICON positioning function ensures precise dosing
  • Motor-mounted or installation close the motor
  • Simple operation
  • Protection classes up to IP66
  • Ideal for 24-hour operation