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Efficient drive solutions with a small line-up of variants

Specifically designed for intralogistics and baggage handling systems, the new LogiDrive standardized AC vector drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS facilitate planning, configuration, and spare part management through a project-based reduction of variant complexity.


Bargteheide , 2017-04-04

These drives meet the highest efficiency standards – IES2 system efficiency and IE4 or Super Premium Efficiency for the motor by itself – and reach excellent efficiencies even in the partial load range and at low speeds. They therefore pay for their initial cost within a few years or even only months: Total expenses over the product lifespan are significantly reduced. The systems allow for simple daisy-chaining; short power lines can be connected from one drive to the next.

The user-friendly systems consist of a helical-bevel gearbox, an IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor, and a frequency inverter for installation near the motor. They are easy and quick to install thanks to all pluggable connectors. Maintenance switches, key switches, and direction switches on the device allow for flexible direct access to individual drive axes for set-up or service. Built into a light alloy case, the compact drives are also easy to handle. Boasting a large overload capacity, the drives come in three preferred sizes that match the typical performance requirements in intralogistics and airport applications. Conveyor speeds and running directions are regulated by the LogiDrives' frequency inverters . These VFDs are optionally available with an incremental encoder for highly dynamic applications. The STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 are included by default. Drive-related sensors can be connected via M12 plugs. Sensor data collected by the inverters can be passed on to higher-level systems, which reduces otherwise necessary wiring. LogiDrive installations can be deployed around the world thanks to comprehensive certifications. Interfaces for all common bus systems are readily available.