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Clean drives, clean cuts – NORD bevel geared motors in tendon removing machines

The BAADER Group, a leading manufacturer of plant and machinery for the food industry manufactures machines for the clean separation of soft and solid components of foods. For example, they are used to remove tendons from red meat and poultry, for obtaining farce from fish or for obtaining pulp from fruit and vegetables. The machines are reliably powered by bevel geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Bargteheide, 2017-05-16

With press separation machines the soft and solid components of a wide variety of starting products can be gently separated. The prerequisite for constantly high quality products are robust, reliable and hygienic drive components, which are specially designed for the requirements of the food industry. The drive expert NORD DRIVESYSTEM supplies BAADER with robust bevel geared motors for its pressure separation machines. SK 9016.1, SK 9022.1 and SK 9042.1.gear units are used for the motors. The durability of the bevel geared motors is among other things due to the UNICASE construction of NORD geared motors . All of the bearings are integrated into a single housing block, so that there are no torques or sealing surfaces which are subject to radial loads. The high performance gear units with durable, wear-free gearing ensure great operational reliability. BAADER also benefits from the intensive advice and comprehensive service which NORD offers to its customers, for example in the preparation for conversion to IE2 bevel geared motors . Here, our many years of experience in the development of efficient drive technology and application-specific energy saving concepts pays dividends.