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Large forces and high torque: Geared motors for toothpaste production

EKATO, a manufacturer of mixing equipment, implemented the world’s largest plant for batch production of toothpaste. The massive agitators are moved by UNICASE industrial geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Bargteheide , 2017-07-06

When producing toothpaste in large mixing plants, homogeneous product quality has to be ensured. Thus, fast processing, continuity and exceptional durability are key factors. Due to the product's high viscosity, the agitator shaft is subjected to very strong radial and axial forces. For EKATO, NORD configured two industrial geared motors with powers above 150 kW and a rated torque of 242,000 Nm. NORD is the only manufacturer to produce modular industrial geared motors of this size in a one-piece UNICASE housing. This ensures a compact design of the SK 15407 three-stage bevel helical gear units – despite their impressive size.

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