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Technical Press Days 2018 in Hamburg: Drive technology for digital and modular factories

At the 7th Technical Press Days in November in Hamburg, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presented its intelligent and flexible drive solutions for digital factories to the technical media.

Bargteheide , 2019-01-24

The future of production is flexible. This requires drive systems with decentralised intelligence, which can cope with the increasing complexity of the processes. With its extensive range of modular products for decentralised drive electronics such as NORDAC LINK and NORDAC FLEX NORD caters for almost all requirements and applications. Thanks to the integrated PLC in the inverters drives can form master-slave groups, which communicate with each other and take on independent control tasks.

Functional safety is becoming increasingly important as a fundamental part of modern machine and plant design. The NORD module SK TU4-PNS supports the simple implementation of safe responses via PROFIsafe. Functions such as SLS (Safety Limited Speed), SSR (Safe Speed Range), SDI (Safe Direction), SOS (Safe Operation Stop) and SSM (Safe Speed Monitor) can be integrated and expand the drive units’ safe stop functions.

The new NORDCON APP together with the Bluetooth-Stick NORDAC ACCESS BT provide a mobile commissioning and service solution and give users new options for control and optimisation of their NORD drives. This speeds up commissioning, simplifies maintenance and enables faults to be remedied faster. With this, down times and costs can be reduced.