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Extreme conditions in continuous operation

Latest generation drives for malting tray turning machine. Parallel shaft gear units and travel drives operate continuously and under harsh conditions. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS impressed with a long service life of its products and the very effective corrosion protection.

Bargteheide, 2019-10-11

The taste of a beer is largely determined by the malt used. Taste nuances are the result of a complex production process in malting plants. In box malting plants, the common form of pneumatic malting that is still very popular, the grain is germinated in rectangular containers and mechanically turned over. For this purpose, the machines are in continuous operation.

One of the most popular manufacturers for malting plants in the Czech Republic is Moravske potravinarske strojirny (MOPOS). The Czech company is considered a trendsetter in the field of cutting-edge technology manufacturing lines. For a malting plant, MOPOS recently equipped eight turning machines with 112 latest generation parallel shaft gear units with smooth motors and eight latest generation travel drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. The components require a very effective corrosion protection.

Since malting each batch may take several days, drive technology with a long service life was required. In production environments with a humidity of 100 percent, the mechanical components need to have smooth and self-draining surfaces as well as a special corrosion protection that also withstands the H2CO3 continuously arising from the malting process. The surface treatment is also a protection against the chemical cleaning agents that are applied under high pressure. The drives are also protected with a high-quality, chemical-resistant paint system and are vertically installed, presenting a smaller contact surface.

NORD SK 500E frequency inverters are used for control. They now coordinate the motors’ speed changes within the different phases of the germination process.

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