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New “super factory” for house construction is upgraded with motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Building three times as many apartments in the same time: That is the aim of the house building company Lindbäcks Bygg AB. To achieve this target, the Swedish company relies on improved automation. To further increase the production rate of house modules, the high-efficiency, lean manufacturing plant has been established in Piteå – with drive and control devices primarily produced by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Bargteheide, 2021-02-24

In the company’s factory, 40 square metres of housing modules are manufactured every half hour – that is 1,600 apartments per year. The 322 m long and 96 m wide manufacturing hall has a production and logistics area of 31,000 square metres. Nailing machines deliver pre-nailed panels at tremendous speed and long conveyor belts successively feed the future house modules. All these transport solutions, machines and assembly lines are equipped with a large number of geared motors and frequency inverters – of which almost 70 percent come from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. “We are very satisfied with the drive systems’ quality”, says Mats Riekkola, head of operational reliability at Lindbäcks Bygg AB. “This outstanding quality is probably the reason why so many machine manufacturers choose to cooperate with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.” The focus of the conveyor systems that are used to move goods at great distances was on functionality as well as low operating costs. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS relies on energy-efficient motors with gear units with very little energy loss and drive electronics that feature significant energy-saving functions. The material supply train increases operational safety, as it reduces the number of trucks in the factory. Time also plays an essential role and the supply train also helps to streamline the packaging work at the logistics department. The carriages follow a specific schedule and are loaded with exactly the material that the assembly stations require.