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Increase efficiency with IE5+ motors

Whether post & parcel, airport or warehouse – IE5+ synchronous motors from NORD significantly contribute to higher system efficiencies. They furthermore enable a variant reduction in the overall system and thus allow for a fast ROI (Return on Investment) and a reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Bargteheide, 2023-03-29

In combination with a frequency inverter, NORD's IE5 motors have a constant torque over a wide speed range, and provide high overload capacities. The number of drive variants in a system can thus be significantly reduced. This streamlines production, logistics, storage and service processes, minimises administrative costs and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

IE5+ motors achieve an efficiency of up to 95%. The permanent magnet synchronous motors offer optimum energy consumption performance even in partial load and partial speed ranges.

Versions and sizes:

  • Ventilated version with a particularly high overload capacity and robustness for intralogistics applications
  • Smooth surface version for the food and pharmaceutical industries, optionally with corrosion-resistant nsd tupH surface treatment
  • Size 71 for power ranges from 0.35 to 2.2 kW
  • Size 90 for power ranges from 1.1 to 4 kW

IE5+ motors are compatible with the NORD modular system and can be mounted to all of the manufacturer's gear units. The advantage is the flexible attachment via direct mounting, NEMA or IEC - the motors can be optionally equipped with an integrated encoder or a mechanical brake.

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