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Highest precision and quality: state-of-the-art gear wheel production in Glinde

Zahnradwerk NORD in Glinde, Schleswig-Holstein, situated east of Hamburg, manufactures essential gear components for NORD drives. Besides its state-of-the-art machine technology this manufacturer is characterised by extensive experience and comprehensive know-how.

Bargteheide, 2022-08-10

The Glinde production location was established in 1977. On an operating area of 12,100 m2 it currently produces approximately 2.5 million gear components per year. Zahnradwerk NORD currently employs about 236 people.

NORD produces geared motors with high output torques and high efficiency for a wide variety of applications in more than 100 industries. The company operates several production locations for manufacturing drive components with an especially long service life and high reliability. Thanks to in-house production of all components, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has direct access to the compliance of quality requirements and the technical data, and can also determine all technical parameters of the geared motors over their entire service life.

NORD constantly invests in state-of-the-art production facilities in order to safeguard the high quality standards it has set for geared motors. Only high-quality materials and standard components enter the production processes after having been checked for quality, structure and strength. All production stages are connected with strict quality controls of each component. This is why NORD customers can rely on the thoroughly and practically tested functionality and operating reliability of the products.