NORDAC PRO - SK 500E - Frequency Inverter



Treif Foodstuffs Processing

최신 컷팅 시스템에 적용되는 드라이브시스템

Treif Maschinenbau GmbH는 세계 최고의 식품 절단 장비 제조업체 중 하나입니다. 높은 수준의 유연성을 위해 기계 제조업체는 NORD의 드라이브 기술에 의존합니다.

Stage Technology in the Duisburg Theatre

Smooth positioning

New electrical equipment to operate the stage machinery behind the scenes was installed in the Duisburg Theatre for Opera, Ballet, Drama and Concerts. Axis processors control the electric motor at the Duisburg Theatre. Each of the more than one hundred control cabinets is equipped with an SK 535E frequency inverter that comes with integrated brake management, brake chopper and line filter as well as sensorless current vector control.

GinD gondolas

Metered moving

Góndolas in Design, S.L., develops and manufactures custom systems for the maintenance and cleaning of building façades. Innovative gondola systems meet many particular challenges. Drive technology supplied by NORD is responsible for lifting, rotating and precisely positioning the gondola system for cleaning of building façades. In this context, an SK 500E frequency inverter is responsible for several tasks.

Stros Hoists

Custom Drive Solutions for Construction Hoists

The Czech construction hoist manufacturer STROS serves customers around the world. NORD drive units for STROS construction hoists comprise three bevel gear motors with external brake resistors equipped with a NORDAC PRO SK 500E control cabinet inverter with lifting gear functionality that is responsible for soft starting and braking and for high positioning accuracy.