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NORD UNICASE Helical Gear Units

NORD is a manufacturer of gear units, electric motors, and variable frequency drives for industrial applications. From order processing, to assembly, to shipping, NORD produces high quality drive systems for applications such as conveyor belts, industrial mixers, palletizers, and other industrial applications.

A gear unit consists of an electric motor powering a gearbox. The motor spins at a specified revolutions per minute (rpm) and is connected to a small gear inside of the gearbox, which rotates a larger gear to reduce the output speed of rotation and increase torque. The gearbox's spinning output shaft is connected to a system, such as a conveyor belt in a distribution center or food processing line. Gear units like those produced at NORD are the reason garage doors go up, mixers spin, and rollers form steel.

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NORD Employee processing an order

Order Processing

NORD's Internal Sales team receives customer orders in the form of a purchase order (PO). From there, the representative enters the information into the ordering system, which starts the assembly process.

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NORD employee picking inventory for gear units

Inventory and Order Pulling

The inventory team at NORD receives, stocks, and organizes supplier parts. Once an order is in the system, a parts list is given to the order pullers and they select the parts necessary for the order. The parts are then delivered to the appropriate assembly cell.

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NORD employee assembling a gear unit

Assembly and Quality

Assembly team members work in assigned cells, which are stations that house all of the required tools and machinery to assemble a specific type of gear unit. Some may have mechanical lifts and presses, while others only require a basic set of tools.

Once an order puller has delivered the parts to the cell, the assembler constructs the gear unit following a very specific set of directions. When the unit is complete, it's tested for quality assurance to make sure that every unit is functioning properly. Upon a successful quality check, the unit is sent to be painted and shipped.

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NORD employee spray painting a gear unit

Paint and Shipping

Many of the gear units NORD produces have special paint coatings, finishes, and colors. The skilled paint team ensures units have their protective coatings properly applied before they move to shipping.

Once the units arrive in shipping, they are put on pallets, wrapped, and boxed by our efficient shipping crew, and loaded on trucks for fast delivery.

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NORD employee inspecting a gear unit


NORD values high quality customer service and providing customers with equipment that can handle the demands of industrial use. The service team is in charge of handling all service claims, including routine maintenance and repairs.

The knowledgeable service team members at NORD take apart units, replace parts, and restore older products to increase the cost benefit for customers.

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