Wellness Program

Healthy Living for a Productive Team

Providing resources to keep our team members happy and healthy is a cornerstone of NORD’s business philosophy. We offer a complete wellness program to support our staff including free health screenings and activities to keep you focused and engaged. We also offer healthy living incentives for those who meet or beat common markers for good health.

Company Provided Health Services

NORD offers smoking cessation reimbursement of up to $300 yearly, as well as a free annual flu shot clinic for employees and their immediate families.

<h2>Employee Assistance Program</h2>

This free, confidential service offers assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who are dealing with personal or family problems, work-related issues, substance abuse, stress, grief, and psychological disorders.

<h2>Yearly Health Risk Assessments</h2>

All employees participate in an annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to determine overall health based on several screening factors. Those who receive a passing score can take advantage of discounted health insurance premiums. NORD also offers Healthy Living Incentives Awards to those who maintain good health or who are making improvements to achieve their health goals.

<h2>Monthly Wellness Focus</h2>

Each month, we update wellness boards posted throughout the facility with helpful information and tips that employees can easily incorporate into their daily life.

<h2>Personal Health and Wellness Tracking</h2>

Keep track of your progress with free access to our health and wellness tracking portal with convenient mobile app. This software has automated trackers and daily rewards, making it easy to take control of your health and stay motivated to stick with healthier behaviors.

<h2>Lunch Hour Activities</h2>

Join your fellow team members for an hour of exercise! We offer a variety of different formats to keep you moving including aerobics, yoga, and more.


Up for a challenge? Sign up for one of our annual health and wellness competitions to put your fitness knowledge and skills to the test.

  • Annual Weight Loss Challenges
  • Wellness Scavenger Hunts
  • Outdoor Competitions

<h2>Get Started Today!</h2>

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