Right-Angle Gear Units

High Load Capacity with Durability

Our MAXXDRIVE Right-Angle Gear Units are perfect for all heavy duty applications in which compact and right angle arrangement of motor and machine shaft is common.

Циліндро-конічні редуктори MAXXDRIVE

Індустріальні редуктори

  • Performance: 50 ‐ 2,000 HP
  • Torque range: 132,000 ‐ 2,200,000 lb-in
  • High strength precision-made one-piece housing
  • Modular and flexible design for optimum adaptation to your application
  • Low running noise

NORD Right-Angle Gear Units

High performance even under difficult conditions
High load capacities, high torques and low noise: NORD MAXXDRIVE Right-Angle Gear Units. With output torques of up to 260,000 Nm and powers up to 4,000 kW, these gear units provide the necessary drive in heavy duty applications, e.g. in conveyor belt systems, mixers, agitators, extruders, drums or mills.

Our MAXXDRIVE Right-Angle Gear Units are available in 2-, 3- and 4-stage versions. The gear wheels are made from high quality steel alloys and are case hardened.

Why MAXXDRIVE Right-Angle Gear Units?

  • Powerful
    The gear units provide torques of up to 260,000 Nm and powers of up to 4,000 kW.
  • Flexible
    Our industrial gear units with helical bevel gears can be easily mounted on all six sides.
  • Service life
    With our UNICASE housing, we can use larger roller bearings, which guarantee a long service life.

NORD Right-Angle Gear Units can withstand a lot
Thanks to our UNICASE housing, which has now become the global standard, our helical bevel gear units have a high axial and radial load capacity, so that they can optimally absorb the loads which occur during operation. The advantages of the UNICASE design are also noticeable in the low noise operation of the gear units.

Our MAXXDRIVE Right-Angle Gear Units are equipped with easily accessible back stops, which enables the direction of rotation to be rapidly changed.

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Larger roller bearings – longer life
Because we use the tried-and-tested UNICASE housing design for our helical bevel gear units we can use relatively large roller bearings. These bearings have a considerably longer service life than smaller versions. A further reason for the long life of the gear unit is the precise mounting of shafts and gear wheels due to the UNICASE housing.