Helical Worm

Versatile, Cost Effective Right Angle Solution

  • UNICASE Helical Worm
  • UNICASE Helical Worm
  • UNICASE Helical Worm
  • Performance: 0.16 - 20 hp
  • Torque range: 443 – 27,346 lb-in
Sizes: 6
Mounting position: M1 - M6
Ratio: 4.40 - 7,095.12 : 1


Helical worm units feature NORD’s torsionally rigid UNICASE cast iron housing design (SK02050 - SK43125) or a lightweight, aluminum alloy (SK02040.1). NORD’s helical worm utilizes a combination of high quality helical and worm gearing to provide long service life and exceptional durability.

SK 02040.1 Helical Worm Gear Unit

NEW: We have thoroughly redesigned our two-stage SK 02040 helical worm gear unit. The new SK 02040.1, made from high strength aluminum, replaces the previous product. The die-cast aluminum housing guarantees maximum strength and rigidity with low weight and can be further protected by additional measures such as the highly effective nsd tupH surface treatment. The SK 02040.1 has a wide power range from 0.16 to 1.5 HP and an output torque of up to 885 lb-in. The wide range of speed ratios (from 5.37:1 up to 330:1) enables optimum adaptation to the customer's requirements. The motor can be mounted directly without a coupling or via an adapter (IEC or NEMA).

  • Quiet and reliable transmission of torque
  • High overload capacity
  • Hardened steel worm gear and bronze alloy worm wheel provide exceptional durability and long service life.
  • Optional heavy duty bearings deliver high radial and axial load capacity
  • High strength cast iron housing (SK02050 - SK43125)
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy housing (SK02040.1)
  • Application Specific Solutions

  • Intralogistics
  • Material handling
  • Presses

  • Solid and Hollow shaft (keyed, shrink disc & Gripmaxx) Designs
  • Available in footed, shaft mount or flange mounted configurations
  • Right Angled gear units

SK 02040.1

SK 02050

SK 13050

SK 12063, SK 13063

SK 12080, SK 13080

SK 32100, SK 33100

SK 42125, SK 43125

Direct Access

Hamburg Airport

Suitcases on parade at Hamburg Airport

There are several miles of conveyor belts at Hamburg Airport. In the luggage processing area, these conveyors are responsible for a combination of feeding, holding and sorting. An efficient organization of transport and storage is essential. The reliability of the conveyor system and the prevention of breakdowns ensured by powerful drive technology has top priority.