Meat & Poultry

Reliable Drive Technology for Meat Production

In the meat processing industry, product reliability and hygienic design of the drive technology are essential. The meat production must be faultless from farm to fork. Animal welfare has absolute priority. Further processing of the highly perishable goods requires strict hygiene guidelines that protect consumers but bring the used equipment to its performance limits. With its nsd tupH corrosion-resistant surface treatment, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides an economical alternative to stainless steel that has a comparable performance.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P Frequency Inverter

Excellent communication - Intelligent - Future-ready

  • Performance: 0.33 - 7.5 HP
  • Protection Class: IP20
  • Integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface
  • Multi-encoder interface for multiple axis operation
  • AC lines voltage-free parameterization via USB port

Treif Food Processing

Intelligent Cutting

Treif Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment and systems for slicing food. An SK 500E AC vector drive featuring a powerful microprocessor and integrated positioning functions allow for swift and precise slicing and dicing. No need for an extra controller!

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