Legg Manufacturing

NORD drives new calender and more in Legg Manufacturing industrial belt plant.

At their Halstead, Kansas manufacturing facility, Legg Manufacturing, a part of the Continental Conveyor Belt Group, began a project to manufacture 8' wide belting. Calender drives, featuring NORD's MAXXDRIVE large industrial gearing, proved to be the solution.

ISM - Intralogistics



MAXXDRIVE® Helical-Bevel Gear Units

Industrial Gear Unit

  • Performance: 50 ‐ 2,000 HP
  • Torque range: 132,000 ‐ 2,200,000 lb-in
  • High strength, precision machined one‐piece housing
  • Modular and flexible design adaptable to a wide variety of product applications
  • Quiet Operation

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