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NORD Decentralized Drive System: Advanced, Versatile, Powerful!

Food industry, packaging technology, pump applications or machine and system design: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers an extensive range of frequency converters that can be configured to meet all application requirements and which can be seamlessly integrated into any area of the system. Our decentralized drive technology is particularly advantageous in large systems as well as in mobile and modular systems.

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Brampton, ON , 2021-06-21

Featuring a modular range of decentralised drive electronics mounted directly to or in close proximity to motors, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS drive components offer a power range of up to 22 kW, an integrated PLC for tasks and plug-in capability for a wide range of applications. With NORD technology, decentralized drives can be integrated into any automation architecture and significantly reduce plant design costs.

The advantages of decentralized control technology:

  • Possibility to reduce the size of the control cabinet
  • Reduced wiring requirements
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick commissioning due to factory preconfiguration
  • Easy to modify and expand the system at any time
  • Reduced design cost for the production site
  • Reduces system complexity
  • Increases efficiency of the entire drive system

Our decentralized frequency inverter:

The modular design allows a large number of extensions and plug & play options. The compatibility of the entire product unit guarantees a comparable range of functions, uniform operations and common options for all NORD frequency converters.

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