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Drive solutions for cleaning gondolas - Safe at any height

Geared motors and frequency inverters with precise positioning abilities lift and rotate the cage from which maintenance and cleaning personnel are able to reach every corner of the undulating façade of the “New York by Gehry” skyscraper.

Bargteheide , 2018-06-30

In collaboration with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, the Spanish company Góndolas in Design, S.L. developed a tailor-made solution for the cleaning of the façade of the “New York by Gehry” skyscraper. The gondola system consists of a telescopic arm, a special guideway system on the façade and a multi-telescopic pod for accessing the surfaces of the building. Drive technology by NORD lifts and rotates the pod, compensates its weight and drives the telescopic unit. The movement is controlled by helical and bevel gear units. Additionally, three SK 500E frequency inverters control the starting and stopping of the gondola, the different rotating speeds, as well as the movement of the counterweight via acceleration and deceleration ramps. NORD drive technology provides a 24% higher radial load capacity of the geared motors in comparison with competitor products, as well as a 25% higher overload tolerance of the frequency inverters in comparison with most other manufacturers.