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MyNORD Customer Portal

Working with NORD has never been easier.

Waunakee, WI , 2018-10-23

Everything you need in one place – the new myNORD customer portal brings all the NORD tools and features you need in a single platform. Effortlessly select and configure products, obtain pricing, download drawings as well as place and track orders. NORD makes the one-stop user experience a reality with its full portfolio of online e-commerce tools.

  • Maximize your productivity

Work piles up and days move fast, but interacting with NORD has never been more efficient! The myNORD customer portal combines all functions and features into an easy to use dashboard. Users can make product selections, access documentation, place new orders and track in-house orders quickly.

  • Intuitive and efficient product selection interface

Say goodbye to clunky window-to-window navigation! MyNORD lets you generate price quotes, download unpriced datasheets, and create drawings within a single screen. Custom product selections are made a breeze thanks to performance data searches, integrated product logic and environmental filters. Helpful tip texts, learn more features and images assist the user with making selections and learning more about the product. The unit model number and itemized price details are updated with every click, providing immediate feedback.

  • Simple collaboration and support

Smart filters and search features within the quote dashboard allow users to locate projects by job number, part number, and product family and quote status, granting complete visibility to projects and configurations generated by colleagues and NORD sales staff. Portal visibility and user access rights can be optimized to the business processes of the customer. With myNORD’s built-in collaborative features and product selection support, users can make their selections seamlessly and accurately. Need additional support? The myNORD portal is fully supported by NORD’s industry-leading sales and customer service, application engineering and software support teams.

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