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Food Automation Processing Equipment

As the food industry becomes increasingly automated, food and beverage firms are turning toward industrial-grade processing solutions.

Waunakee, WI , 2018-10-24

Keeping it Clean

Food contamination is a paramount concern to consumers. That’s why sanitation and cleanliness in food processing facilities is critical. To maintain clean operations, food equipment requires daily washdowns that includes the gearboxes, motors, and other motion-control machinery. When harsh chemical disinfectants are used, corrosion and eventual failure of that machinery is all too common.

One solution for this problem is to use stainless steel for motor and gearbox enclosures. Although stainless steel is corrosion resistant, it’s expensive and heavy. By contrast, aluminum alloys are lighter and far more economical. They’re also much better at dissipating heat than stainless steel—which means shorter cool down times before washing.

Unfortunately, aluminum lacks the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Or, at least it did before NORD’s NSD TUPH surface conversion came along. Our nsd tupH is an alternative to stainless steel at a fraction of the price. It has been tested for use in the harshest environments and is much lighter in weight for easier mounting and maintenance.

NORD drive systems that power conveyors, mixers, and dispensers have excellent and reliable seals to prevent food contamination that can occur when oils or other materials leak inside of the gearbox. Those seals keep food material and cleaning agents from leaking into the sealed machinery, which can cause premature equipment failure from corrosion. Our sealing technique prevents both the cleanliness and reliability of automated food processing equipment. Our NSD TupH is the best alternative to stainless steel. We have redefined surface protection to help you keep it clean.

NORD Understands That Reliability Means Profitability

Due to the high-volume of food production and processing, an unexpected equipment breakdown can inflict heavy costs. First, there are the immediate costs of lost product on the lines, such as uncapped soda products that could lose carbonation or uncooked batter that has to be baked within a specific time interval for optimal taste and texture. Also, lost value of the product which won’t be produced while the equipment is down affects profitability. Finally, the cost of the actual repair or replacement of the failed machinery can be expensive, especially if that equipment is a motor or gearbox, as industrial drive system components typically have a high replacement cost.

Sourcing reliable drive system operations that are corrosion resistant is another challenge. For example, the processing of seafood can expose equipment to direct salt-water splash. The processing of acidic foods can quickly corrode many metals. NORD products offer a better solution than stainless steel or typical surface protectants like paint on rust-prone cast iron.

Large-scale food conveyance, mixing, and agitation create heavy loads on gearboxes, speed reducers, and motors. Drive systems with housings, bearings, gears, and axles expertly designed to handle and mitigate these stresses are just what the food industry needs as it continues the trend of increasing scale and automation. NORD provides a wide range of aluminum and nsd tupH products that can withstand large-scale loads, are reliable, and save you money over time.

Energy Efficiency

Growing automation and scale of food processing facilities bring increasing energy demand. Businesses in this highly competitive industry are turning to higher efficiency drive solutions to keep energy costs from crippling them.

The benefits of higher efficiency motors and gearboxes are two-fold. First, systems that operate in a cooled (refrigerated) environment waste less heat and save on energy costs. Second, more efficient motors have less chance of producing localized heating in a refrigerated area, which could cause food in that area to spoil.

NORD DriveSystems Has The Solution

NORD’s high efficiency drive technology has the solution for the food industry. Our products are reliable, tough and more energy efficient to save you time and money.

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