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Grain Processing System Solutions

Grain requires temperature control, protection from sparks or electrical arcs and the restriction of contamination in conveyance systems.

Waunakee, WI , 2018-10-26

Torque Overload and Gearbox Overload vs. Efficiency

Grain cleaning equipment is critical in maximizing the yield and removing everything from rocks to mud. Choosing the right gearbox motors aids in reducing breakdowns and improves efficiency both in cleaning equipment output as well as sorting and storage applications.

It goes beyond torque overload, for example, when loads are of vastly different weights, although that is important. It also matters that brakes are up to the task if there is an issue along the conveyor path so that there is no leakage. Add in the value of being able to work with multiple sensor and IoT systems and it’s clear that for a smooth operation, quality matters.

So, too, does efficiency. NORD products are about 10 percent more efficient in terms of both the motor and the gear unit itself. Along with other engineering breakthroughs, it results in a 15 percent improvement in energy consumption each year.

Fire and Explosion Risks

Silos still explode which seems odd given that sparks have been a known issue for centuries. Creating a safe environment and using gearbox motors that limit that probability is a critical component of developing a safe, long-term solution.

One way to limit the issue is by making the systems easier to clean. NORD gearbox motors are coated against aggressive cleaning solutions and power washing as well as many salts and alkalis. You can also opt for available coatings that will improve those protections.

Prevention is the other key component in limiting failures that could cause fires. Look for gearbox motors that are well-protected and that can use sensors to quickly reverse or stop the flow of materials along a conveyor.

Grain Processing and Contamination

Argot, mold and bacteria can render thousands of bushels of grain useless in the blink of an eye. Along with frequent cleaning, Gearbox motors that meet the IP66 standard for dust and water ingress offer complete dust protection and protection against high-pressure 12.3-MM washing systems. In addition, corrosion protection aids in limiting areas where bacteria and mold can get in.

Solutions in Grain Processing

With all of those requirements, working with a gearbox motor manufacturer must include a plan that will limit the total cost of ownership to a reasonable level. NORD works with firms to find the solution

that offers the right combination of protection, efficiency and torque. With experience in a number of related food-preparation sectors including dairy, meat and fish, there is flexibility for choosing the best motors and inverters.

We do this by using IE3/IE4 motors for increased efficiency along with available frequency inverters. The long-life benefits of specialized lubricants aids in reducing total cost of ownership and limits heat transfer that can cause spoilage.

Aluminum housings can reduce weight and overall strain on the system, but it only works with the right sealed surface conversion system. NORD gearbox motors with a proprietary sealed surface conversion system (NSD tupH) that will not peel, chip, flake, or corrode over time and remain less expensive than stainless steel housings. They are also highly configurable so they can be a part of many applications including in confined spaces.

Learn More About NORD Grain Processing System Solutions To learn more about integrating our drive units and controls for your needs, contact us today . Our team of consultants will review your project specifications and work with you to devise the right strategy for long-lasting grain processing system success with low maintenance and maximum efficiency. Our offerings include drive solutions incorporating gearbox motors and frequency inverters.