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Electric Motors, Gear Motors, Gear Units and Inverters

Waunakee, WI , 2018-10-26

Electric Motors

Simply put, an electric motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors can be powered by Direct Current (DC) sources, such as batteries or motor vehicles, or by Alternating Current (AC) sources, such as power grids, inverters or electrical generators.

Electric motors are often classified by considerations such as power source type, internal gear construction, application, and type of motion output. Additionally, electric motors may be single or three phases. Electric motors provide convenient mechanical power for a wide range of applications including industrial fans, blowers, and pumps, machine tools, household appliances, power tools, and even ship propulsion.

NORD has developed a range of powerful, energy-saving electric motors. Whether in agitators, conveyor systems, intralogistics or the food industry, NORD electric motors can be found wherever high performance is required. The benefits of NORD’s electric motors include:

  • Maximum efficiency & energy savings: the motors meet the IEC standards. The motors operate reliably over many years with very high efficiency resulting in lower operating cost and more environmentally-friendly.
  • Ultimate quality: all motors are produced in-house according to stringent standards and meet, and often exceed, all common global efficiency regulations and standards.
  • High availability: through in-house production NORD can quickly deliver all electric motors – worldwide.
  • High flexibility: due to identical motor dimensions customers can change from one efficiency class to the next without having to make mechanical modifications.

NORD offers a variety of electric motors for operation across a wide range of applications:

Gear Motors

A gear motor is a type of electric motor where the use of gears enables high torque production while maintaining a low horsepower motor output. Gear motors can be found in many different applications ranging from home applications such as garage door openers and alarm clocks, to commercial applications such as jacks and cranes. Below are some types of gears found in NORD gear motors:

Helical - The teeth on a helical gear are cut at an angle or ‘helix’ to the face of the gear. Helical is the most commonly used gear in transmissions. Benefits of helical gears include ease of operation, good torque capacity and smoother and quieter operation.

  • Worm - The worm is mounted on a shaft and has shallow angled teeth that contact with a gear. Worm gears are found in applications such as conveyor systems. A cost-effective solution, worm gears offer high ratios in a single reduction, the ability to handle shock loads and low noise.
  • Bevel – Bevel gears change the direction of a shaft’s rotation, typically at 90-degree angles. The tooth-bearing faces are pitched and conically shaped. Bevel gears have teeth that are cut in various ways such as straight, spiral, or hypoid shape to suit the desired application.

Gear motors have a number of advantages. They eliminate the need to separately design and integrate the motor with the gears, thus, reducing engineering cost. Since gear motors are integrated units, the need for couplings is eliminated as well as the potential for alignment problems. Lastly, having the right combination of motor and gearing can extend gear motor life, allowing for optimal power management and use.

NORD produces gear motors which can be adapted and customized for almost any application. NORD gear motor solutions are known for their high output torques, gear efficiencies, flexibility in design, and robustness. Due to NORD's modular design concept, customers also benefit from industry leading delivery times and the ability to combine gear boxes with any of NORD’s motors. NORD produces the following types of geared motors:

  • Helical inline : excellent gear efficiency, washdown capability, and corrosion protection if needed.
  • Parallel shaft: its compact design saves space, and is adaptable to many applications due to flexible input designs and mounting options.
  • Helical bevel : long service life with low maintenance, flexible in the direction rotation between the input and output shaft, and corrosion protection as needed.
  • Worm : washdown options allow for easy maintenance, it has a high overload capacity, and corrosion protection if needed.

Gear Units

A gear unit is required to convert the torque and speed of an upstream electric motor to meet the technical drive requirements of a given application. In other words, based on the design, size, and gear unit stages, a gear unit transforms the speed of a motor into steps up or steps down. The resulting speed ratio between the input speed and output speed is, therefore, an important characteristic of a gear unit.

Within its MAXXDRIVE gear unit line, NORD produces a wide range of units in various sizes with high output torques and quiet operation that are perfect for use in heavy duty applications such as bucket elevators, agitators, conveyor belt drives, mixers, mills, drums or crushers. NORD’s gear units consist of high strength, precision machined one‐piece housing and are modular, allowing for easy adaptation to a wide variety of applications. Also, for maximum flexibility, the gear units are fitted with easily accessible backstops, which enable the quick and simple change of rotation direction.

Frequency Inverters

A frequency inverter is a precision electronic device specifically designed and used to control the speed of AC motors without affecting the performance of the motor such as electric consumption or torque. Frequency inverters are often integrated to an operator interface for receiving the required speed control commands. These devices can power a wide variety of equipment, such as three-phase motors, pumps and air-conditioners, and are often found in industrial applications and within the drive technology field.

NORD frequency inverters can be used for centralized operation in a control cabinet as well as for decentralized, fully integrated use directly on the motor. Frequency inverters from NORD are equipped with powerful processors and provide optimum control precision. A great advantage for process quality is the intelligence of the systems: with the aid of the integrated PLC, the inverters can respond autonomously to changes and remedy issues independently from the system controller. NORD frequency inverters offer:

  • Flexibility - the inverters communicate via all common bus systems and can be simply integrated into any system design, and the functions and options can be customized.
  • Safety - the inverters provide extensive integrated safety and monitoring functions.
  • Global - NORD customers benefit from a wide range of services such as global support for planning and commissioning of the system as well as regional sales partners.

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