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2 Stage Helical-Bevel Design

The next generation of premium efficient gearboxes from NORD Drivesystems has been released for the North American market.

2 Stage Helical-Bevel

2 Stage Helical-Bevel

Waunakee , 2014-05-12

Designed using FEM (Finite Element Modeling Technology), this high-strength aluminum alloy housing is manufactured using NORD's UNICASE™ Design. The UNICASE™ design consists of a one-piece housing where bores and mounting faces are machined in one step, producing precise tolerances that ensure accurate positioning of gear teeth, bearings and seals. Internal reinforcements inside the gear case increase the strength and rigidity of the gearbox, resulting in a high-strength housing. This, in turn, provides for larger, high-capacity output bearings, increased overhung load capacity and increased hollow bore capacity. By NORD offering a leak-free design, longer gear and bearing life, quiet operation and high output torque capabilities, the customer benefits from high efficiency, low maintenance and a long service life.

Providing exceptional modularity and adaptability for all mounting positions, numerous possibilities exist for input, output and motor options. Input and output options are stocked at the factory to guarantee quick-shipment upon order. Available with either a NEMA or IEC input, a NORD motor or brake motor, the 92.1 and 93.1 are well suited for applications in the conveyor industry, material handling, car wash, and the food & beverage industry, including wash down environments.

The 92.1 series, easily identified by its high-strength lightweight design, is a universal housing offering foot, face (B14) and shaft mount as standard. An optional B5 mount is available. The 92.1 series is cost effective when compared to the 93.1 and is ideal for cooling, due to its large surface area.

• Universal foot and flange-mount housings

• Easy wash-down solution

• Cost effective design

• Foot, face (B14) and shaft mount

• External surfaces connected with large radius and generous mold release slopes provide for a cleanable, drainable housing

The 93.1 series is characterized by the closed design and comes as shaft and flange mount (B14) as standard. Optional drilled and tapped holes can be provided for foot mount requirements. In addition, an optional through-bolt, B5-flange is readily available. Because there are no cavities to this design, NSD tupH surface conversion system is available.

• Closed gearbox design

• No hidden chambers (cavities) for material build-up

• Optimal for NSD tupH Surface Conversion System

Optimized For the Food Industry

The 93.1 Series is optimized for the food industry because of the lightweight, aluminum housing incorporating the newest technology. Designed and manufactured with inclined surfaces guarantee the draining of cleaning liquid in all mounting positions. By adding NORD's NSD TupH surface conversion system, washdown liquids always run off. The benefits of NSD TupH include no peeling, flaking or blistering of paint by providing a higher level of corrosion resistance. The 93.1 series is much lighter and offers better thermal conductivity than stainless steel. The design is optimized for use in the food and beverage industry and complies with international guidelines and standards such as EHEDG, ANSI, and ANSI / NSF. For sealing lubricants inside and keeping contaminants outside the reducer, NORD's four component QUADRILIP™ sealing system, is standard for both hollow and solid shaft unit types.

Focused on Efficiency and the Customer

As the world continues to strive for increased efficiency, the new 92.1 and 93.1 units are the answer. While a typical worm gear type drive may be only 70% efficient, the 97% efficiency of the 92.1/93.1 series are truly the premium efficient gearbox. Dramatic energy savings and a much lower cost of ownership are accomplished which, in turn, improves the bottom line. While some manufacturers in the power transmission industry claim an improved bevel design but attach a lesser efficient hypoid gear stage, others sell the customer a high efficient motor but attach an inefficient worm gear drive. NORD's gear cutting technology allows for the production of gear sets with a higher maximum ratio per stage than many other speed reducer manufacturers. This allows for a true helical-bevel, double reduction gear unit with a maximum ratio of 70:1. With a company-wide focus on design, innovation and a superior product, customers and end users around the world rely on NORD for performance, efficiency and superior dependability.

NORD was founded in 1965 to develop, produce, and market drive technology. As an industry leader ranking # 2 in the US & Canada and # 2 as the Global Leader, NORD reaches nearly all markets. With 3,000 employees and 35 assembly factories worldwide, sales and support is available in 60+ countries. This ensures short delivery times and services close to you. NORD supplies application-specific concepts and solutions which include but are not limited to energy-saving drives. NORD provides a wide range of products to meet your needs with gearboxes ranging in torque ratings from 90 lb-in to 2,200,000 lb-in, and electric motors rating in power from 1/6 HP to 250 HP. In addition, the product line consists of high-performance AC Vector Drives and AC Drives for panel mount or distributed mount.