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Mix it up with NORD!

NORD gearboxes are oil-tight, hygienic, and non-contaminating, which makes them ideal for mixing applications.

NORD Counter Rotating Stack Mixer

NORD Counter Rotating Stack Mixer

Waunakee, WI , 2015-12-16

NORD drives designed specifically for mixers and agitators are extremely rugged. The drives use heavy-duty bearings supported in NORD’s one-piece UNICASE™ housing to handle the substantial shaft loads typical of mixing viscous liquids, pastes, creams, suspensions, and powders. NORD gearboxes have high overload capacity to accept torques that can be especially high during the initial start-up period. NORD’s engineers have designed and developed optimal gear geometry resulting in efficient gear units that provide effective mixing for various substances at all speeds.

NORD can also provide an economical, compact drive solution for dual agitation systems. These systems commonly use a scraper blade rotating in one direction while a turbine blade rotates in the opposite direction. NORD’s Stack Mixer design consists of a standard hollow bore reducer as the top drive and a larger hollow bore reducer as the bottom drive. A bore differential between the two units is essential and can often be supplied by using NORD’s standard hollow bore options. Special shaft designs, such as an extended hollow shaft for a customer mounted coupling are available for when the standard bore differential is not sufficient. For simple installation and adjustment, NORD units can be supplied with a keyless shrink disc attachment.