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Stay on track with reliable overhead conveyors

All NORD products offer heavy-duty construction and high quality precision machined components, and NORD’s overhead conveyors are no exception.

Overhead Conveyor Drive

Overhead Conveyor Drive

Huimilpan, Queretaro, Mexico , 2016-04-11

With 95% efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, the SK9055 and SK9155 have a very low overall cost of ownership while providing clean and reliable operation in automotive assembly, meat processing and many other plants around the world. These overhead conveyor drives are designed with a mounting flange and output shaft that easily drop into ‘industry-standard’ footprints.

The SK9055 and SK9155 Overhead Conveyor Drive gear units incorporate the standard NORD VL3 spread bearing design with dry cavity. This includes two main features: a spread bearing design (large output bearing span), which enables the NORD gearbox to handle high overhung loads and a dry cavity design which adds additional oil leakage protection to the system.