Software to program frequency inverters
NORD CON is a PC program intended to control and program the frequency inverters produced by Getriebebau NORD. With NORD CON up to 31 frequency inverters can be controlled simultaneously via the RS485 interface. Communication with the frequency inverters is handled by the PC's serial interface. To enable trial runs or system start-ups the connected frequency inverters can be controlled via the PC. The program also provides for continuous monitoring of the current status of the frequency inverter while these activities are going on. Complete process sequences can be developed using macros.
With NORD CON you can perform, Document, and save the parameter settings of a frequency inverter which will be read out by the inverter or transmitted to it respectively. Parameter databases can be created or manipulated off-line - i.e. without a frequency inverter being connected. The program further provides for remote control of the connected frequency inverters. For the frequency inverter to be remote-controlled the operating unit of the type in question is simulated on the PC. This is a convenient way of operating devices which are either difficult to access or haven't got an operating unit themselves.

English, German
System Requirements:
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Edition Date:
Jun 26, 2020
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