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Product Selector - DriveExpert

DriveExpert, the next generation of intelligent configurators from NORD Drivesystems, allows users to quickly and easily make complex product combinations. DriveExpert utilizes intelligent product logic that only allows only valid product combinations. Helpful pictures, images and learn more content help aid the selection process by providing additional information about the products and their unique features.

Order Manager - NORD Order Status and Tracking Information

Order Manager provides quick and efficient access to your NORD order history. Users have full visibility to real-time order status updates and tracking information. Intelligent dashboard allows users to search by PO number, part number or by the NORD order confirmation number. Additionally, advanced search options give you the ability to search by NORD model number and/or purchased date range. Complete tracking information is readily available with direct link to the carrier's website. Last but not least, order-specific unit documentation can be viewed and downloaded directly - installation manuals, spare parts lists and oil fill quantities just to name a few!

Order Manager access is granted to all NORD customers upon registration for our product selection and quotation tool, DriveExpert. Sign up today!

CAD Configurator

Generate your own dimensional drawings, true-to-scale drawings and 3D-models online! You may generate 2D drawings or 3D-models in many standard formats such as Inventor, Solidworks, SAT, Stp or iges. NORD CAD is also available as a downloadable exe. file. Go to CAD Configurator.



NORDCON is the operating software for controlling, programming and diagnosis of all NORD AC Vector Drives. NORD does not charge additional for this software.

Interface Connection
Connecting a NORD AC Vector Drive to a PC/laptop is the most effective way to control your drive. Connection is accomplished via the RS232 diagnostic interface on top of the AC drive. The cable does not come standard and is an available option. A 10ft. sub D to RJ12 connector cable must be ordered separately. (Part #278 910 240)

The AC Vector Drive can be manually operated by means of a software window with all of the operating elements of a control box. An enable signal with specification of setpoint values can be given. The parameter settings can be adjusted and read. Parameters (information and error message) can be viewed. Users therefore have a supporting aid for each commissioning.

With a convenient overview, users can view and adjust each available parameter. BY means of a print option, complete parameter lists, or lists of the changed values, can be created. The finished data sets can be save on the PC/laptop and archived for future use.

The NORDCON oscilloscope function is a simple but very useful tool for the optimal adjustment of drive systems. By means of line graphs, all drive characteristics (current, torque, etc.) can be recorded and analyzed. Witdh these results, application-relevant settings can be fine-tuned to enable optimum operation. This is useful, e.g., for regulating the brake control or for lifting gear functions.

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Document Center

Gear drive installation and maintenance instructions may be found by entering the sales order number or product serial number in the search field. The sales order number can be found on the constant speed gear reducer nameplate, the NORD motor nameplate or on your order confirmation.