NORD drive solutions are suitable for almost any application within the food industry.
We drive machines that mix, fill, stir, measure, convey, store, air condition and ventilate.

From hand … to machine … and into the mouth

NORD drives power equipment used to process fish and meat, cheese and milk, to processing whole grains, and refining simple ingredients including ready to eat salads. Today, hardly any food is eaten without the aid of food processing equipment, whether it is from discount food chain or fine delicacies from a specialty restaurant.

Sanitation and ergonomics in the food industry

Sanitation, cleanliness and ergonomics are important requirements in food production. The environmental and operational conditions can be challenging for gear drives, and NORD is up to the task to handle continuous operation, washdown environments including high pressure water jets and chemical cleaners, broad temperature ranges, and leak-free operation. NORD drive solutions power mixers and stirrers, washing equipment and presses, pumps and conveyor belts and even packaging machines in the food industry.

Motor IP 66 enclosure protection
IP 66 motor enclosure protection protects the motor from high pressure water jets and is also a dust tight design. It also contains the following features:

  • motor shaft seal at fan side endbell
  • Stainless steel wear disc
  • Brake enclosure IP 66

Vertical design with fan at top (shaft down):
  • double shield drip cover RDD
  • galvanized screws

Additional options:
  • KB condensation drain holes
  • SH anti-condensation space heater
  • Tropical insulation protection
  • KKV terminal box, sealed with resin

NORD provides drive motors in improved protection class IP 66 where special protection is required.

Countless design variations with precise adjustment

NORD drives are ideally equipped for the special requirements of the food industry. Washdown protection is a must and NORD fits the bill. NORD drives are easy cleaning, have protective food safe stainless steel coatings, are available with food grade lubricants, are insensitive to cleaning agents, and absolutely leak-free. NORD drives are designed to handle large temperature ranges, offer optional stainless steel shaft materials, and provide conformity to ATEX Standards according to European Directive 94/9EU and 99/92/EU for motors and gearboxes. Operational reliability is a must and NORD drives can be modified and precisely adjusted to meet the requirements of the food industry.