G1000 Gear Units & Gear motors IE3

G1000_IE3_ Gear Units & Gear Motors

Catalogue for gear units and geared motors with content speed for the energy efficiency class IE3 (50Hz metric), such as:
- UNICASE Helical Inline Gear Units / Helical Inline Geared Motors
- NORDBLOC.1 Helical Inline Gear Units / Helical Inline Geared Motors
- UNICASE Parallel Shaft Gear Units / Parallel Shaft Geared Motors
- NORDBLOC.1 Parallel Shaft Gear Units / Parallel Shaft Geared Motors
- UNICASE Helical-Bevel Gear Units / Helical-Bevel Geared Motors
- UNICASE Worm Gear Units / Worm Geared Motors
- UNIVERSAL Worm Gear Units SI, SMI / Worm Geared Motors

Select English for 50 Hz metric version.
Select US-English for 60 Hz imperial version.

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UNICASE helical in-line geared motor , NORDBLOC.1® helical in-line geared motor , NORDBLOC.1® bevel geared motor, UNICASE worm gear units, UNICASE bevel geared motor, UNICASE parallel gear motor, UNIVERSAL SI worm gear units , UNIVERSAL SMI worm gear units

SK02, SK03, SK12, SK13, SK22, SK23, SK32, SK33N, SK42, SK43, SK52, SK53, SK62, SK63, SK72, SK73, SK82, SK83, SK92, SK93, SK102, SK103

SK071.1, SK171.1, SK371.1, SK571.1, SK771.1, SK871.1, SK971.1, SK1071.1, SK072.1, SK172.1, SK372.1, SK373.1, SK572.1, SK573.1, SK672.1, SK673.1, SK772.1, SK773.1, SK872.1, SK873.1, SK972.1, SK973.1

0182.1, SK0282.1, SK1282.1, SK1382.1, SK1282, SK2282, SK2382, SK3282, SK3382, SK4282, SK4382, SK5282, SK5382, SKSK6282, SK6382, SK7282, SK7382, SK8282, SK8382, SK9282, SK9382, SK10382.1, SK11382.1

SK9012.1, SK9013.1, SK9016.1, SK9017.1, SK9022.1, SK9023.1, SK9032.1, SK9033.1, SK9042.1, SK9043.1, SK9052.1, SK9053.1, SK9072.1, SK9082.1, SK9086.1, SK9092.1, SK9096.1, SK920072.1, SK92072.1, SK92172.1, SK92372.1, SK92672.1, SK92772.1, SK930072.1, SK93072.1, SK93172.1, SK93372.1, SK93672.1, SK93772.1

SK02040.1, SK02050, SK13050, SK12063, SK13063, SK12080, SK13080, SK32100, SK33100, SK42125, SK43125

SK1SI31, SK1SI40, SK1SI50, SK1SI63, SK1SI75, SK1SMI31, SK1SMI40, SK1SMI50, SK1SMI63, SK1SMI75