Application Guideline

ASM - CFC Closed-Loop

The following provides information about a new application guide on the subject of control optimisation.The Application Guide AG 0100 describes the procedure for optimising the different controls for asynchronous motors (ASM) operated with frequency inverters.

This application guide also describes the procedure for commissioning drive-specific motor data and the setting of

  • Current control
  • Speed control
  • Position control
  • Weak field control

for optimisation of the drive unit's energy efficiency and to obtain dynamic process cycles. The simple instructions in the form of a recipe, describe the method for determining the ideal setting values to utilise the full potential of NORD drive unitsOnly CFC Closed-Loop mode, i.e. the closed feedback loop with encoder feedback in NORD drive units, presently known as "servo mode" is considered. This has the following advantages in comparison with operation in VFC Open-Loop mode:

  • High torques – Rigidity
  • Full torque at speed "0"
  • High speed precision
  • Short control times possible

Several different control functions are implemented as standard in decentralised SK 2xxE frequency inverters as well as in type SK 5xxE control cabinet versions.The document Application Guide AG 0100 is designed for motors with efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 and is available in the language versions DE and EN.

PDF download of the Application Guide

The Application Guide AG 0100 for the optimisation of asynchronous motors (ASM) is here available for download.