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Becoming more efficient with the NORD ECO service

With the NORD ECO service, the drive specialists from Bargteheide support their customers in working more environmentally friendly. Measurements and analyses reveal savings potential, and thus the most efficient drive solution for the respective application.

Bargteheide, 2024-03-11

NORD offers the ECO service for systems with both its own and third-party components – the specialists measuring the system’s load profile and evaluating this data. This allows for the identification and optimisation of oversized drive systems. In case a system is run by the drive recommended by NORD, the company offers an additional measurement. As part of a TCO analysis (Total Cost of Ownership), the most cost- and energy-efficient solution can then be determined.

Variant reduction for more efficiency

For large systems with several drives, such as in intralogistics, the analysis with the NORD ECO service can significantly reduce the number of different drive systems. This helps to minimise administrative costs and streamlines production, logistics, storage and service processes. NORD offers high-efficiency motors with constant torque over a large speed range, which are ideally suitable for such kind of variant reduction.

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