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High-performance drive units for bulk material logistics

Lachenmeier Monsun A/S from Denmark plans and builds logistics facilities for bulk materials. For more than 20 years, the company has relied on geared motors from NORD. During the expansion of the Fredericia Bulk Terminal, the conveying capacities were nearly doubled thanks to the powerful drives.

Bargteheide, 2021-06-23

As pork production in Denmark is decreasing and less and less grain is needed domestically as feedstuff, the expansion of the grain terminal for export had become necessary. Lachenmeier used more than 40 geared motors from NORD for the terminal expansion: They not only drive the conveyor belts and bucket elevators for transporting the grain, but are also installed in gates, valves and fans. Thanks to the expansion, the facility is now able to receive 300 t of grain per hour and discharge up to 600 t from the silos. Its total capacity since the conversion is 40,000 tonnes.

“Geared motors from NORD are ideally suitable for bulk material handling and match our devices perfectly,” says Christian Pedersen, co-owner and sales manager at Lachenmeier, explaining the long-standing partnership. Depending on the area of application, Lachenmeier uses various geared motor types from NORD. Parallel shaft gear units are installed in chain conveyors, bucket elevators and dryers, helical bevel gear units are the first choice in applications with little installation space and worm gear units in applications on filters or for ship loading.