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Complete drive solutions for the wastewater industry

Innovative drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are used throughout the world for a wide variety of applications in the wastewater treatment industry. The scalable drives are used in all segments of the wastewater treatment industry.

Bargteheide, 2024-04-25

It is vital to prevent breakdowns in wastewater systems. For this reason, reliability is the main focus when developing NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' drive solutions for the wastewater industry. All system components are precisely matched and ensure smooth operation.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' drives are environmentally friendly and help to minimise CO2 emissions. The motors meet the latest international efficiency requirements, the gear units ensure high-torque drives, and the related frequency inverters ensure improved process control and optimised performance. All solutions for the wastewater industry are robust and maintenance-friendly, reduce downtimes, and thus contribute to an increased availability of the entire system.

Optimised for the relevant application areas in wastewater systems, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers geared motors, MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units, and the NORDAC FLEX SK 200E frequency inverter. The powerful geared motors are available with helical, parallel shaft or bevel gear units in a wide range of sizes. The MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are tailor-made, offer high efficiency and are thus perfect for use in heavy-duty applications. NORDAC FLEX is NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ most flexible frequency inverter, which can be adapted for all customer applications thanks to its scalable functions and modular structure. It ensures quick and reliable installation and maintenance.

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