MAXXDRIVE® XD Parallel Gear Units

Industrial gear units

  • Performance: 2.0 - 1,250 HP
  • Torque range: 132,800 - 991,300 lbf-in
  • Housing with extended center distance
  • 3- and 4-stage
  • Ideally suited for hoist applications
  • Housing optimized for downward forces
  • Inspection cover
Sizes: 5
Ratio: 22.4:1 - 355:1

The MAXXDRIVE® XD industrial gear unit is available as a three- and four-stage helical gear unit. The housing design succeeds follows the proven UNICASE housing principle and has been specially optimised for external loads. Due to the elongated arrangement of gear stages, the housing has a large centre distance, enabling a U-shaped drive design. Especially with lifting gear drives, the cable drum and the motor can thus easily be arranged on the same gear side same side of the gearbox. Furthermore, the housings are equipped with an inspection cover as standard.

Many options are adopted from our tried and tested modular industrial gear unit series, so that delivery times are similar to those for our standard MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units. We offer short planning and delivery times. This is made possible due to the extensive knowledge of our experts about our experts' extensive knowledge of the specific requirements for every application, as well as optimised stocking of components.

  • Input version: IEC/NEMA motor adapter or free input shaft
  • Foot-mounting or bolt-on mounting (with torque arm)
  • Various output shafts available: Solid shaft, hollow shaft (key/shrink disc), DIN5480
  • Second input shaft optionally available
  • Brake attachment via input flange or brake console
  • Output coupling (drum coupling) available

  • Optimised housing for external loads
  • Extended centre distance
  • Input and output shafts can be adapted to customers' dimensions
  • Inspection cover
  • Great reliability
  • Long service life
  • Identical installation dimensions (3- and 4-stage)
  • High precision