Electric Motors - Large Power, Low Consumption

Electronic Engineer

NORD Electric Motors have a high efficiency, are extremely robust and can be combined with all of our gear units. Your benefit: maximum flexibility!

Configurable Equipment

Tailor-made Solutions Through Configurable Equipment

Our electric motors offer a maximum flexibility in their equipment and can be individually adapted to any required application. They can be used almost universally. The spectrum includes different explosion protection and energy efficiency fields, several mounting options, and various fan versions, encoders and braking systems. Whatever application, industry sector or operating conditions: We are implementing intelligent, flexible and efficient drive concepts. Our aim: The best technical and most economical solution for your application.<br><br>

<h2>Functions (e.g. Positioning) + Global Standards</h2>

In Operation Around the Globe – In Compliance with International Standards

From Paris to Beijing, from New York to Sydney: Electric motors from NORD have globally proven in more than 100 sectors and various applications. This success has not been by chance. Our electric motors are powerful, reliable and flexible. Furthermore, they fulfil the international efficiency regulations, security guidelines, explosion protection regulations and electrical standards. You need competent advice and rapid service on-site? Contact us! With subsidiaries and sales partners in 98 countries, we combine the know-how and competence of a global player with the local market knowledge of our regional partners.<br><br>

<h2>Energy efficiency + Quality + Long-life Products + Great Depth of Production + Technical Data</h2>

We meet the most stringent quality and efficiency demands

Electric motors from NORD are characterised by maximum operating reliability, outstanding service life, low maintenance as well as the greatest possible energy efficiency. High-quality materials, a strict quality management system and great depth of production ensure the excellent power ratings as well as the outstanding performance of our electric motors. Thanks to in-house production of all components, we have full control of the entire production process, all characteristics and the quality of every component. All parts of the system are fully matched and can be combined in a wide range of variants.