Electric Motors

Reliable in use, worldwide

NORD Electric Motors have a high efficiency, are extremely robust and can be combined with all of our gear units. Your benefit: maximum flexibility!

Global presence and great depth of production

All quality-determining components of our electric motors are manufactured in our own factories using advanced machinery and with highly qualified employees. This ensures a high operating reliability, low maintenance and an outstanding service life, and gives us the opportunity to respond quickly and flexibly to your individual wishes and requirements. Our extensive sales and service network with subsidiaries and sales partners in 98 countries guarantees optimal availability to enable short delivery times and customer-oriented service.

Quality without compromise – quickly delivered

With our comprehensive know-how and many years of experience in the development and production of electric motors, we meet the most stringent quality demands – not only in production, but also in the entire value creation chain. Future-oriented production methods, modern production plants, qualified employees and a consistent quality management sustainably ensure the performance and durability of the NORD electric motors. Our global sales and service network guarantees quick availability as well as rapid and prompt delivery.

Your reliable partner – worldwide

The long service life of our electric motors is the result of our uncompromising quality awareness, the great depth of production and our consistent customer orientation. Optimised geometries, precisely tailored for the respective requirements, ensure excellent load capacity, quiet operation and low maintenance. Our extensive, international sales and service network guarantees short delivery times, competent advice and rapid on-site service around the globe. Whether online or offline: We are your reliable partner, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Highest standards for maximum service life

Our electric motors are used in more than 100 different sectors of industry around the globe, often with great technical demands. Because of this, the highest quality standards are a matter of course for us – not only in production, but also in the entire value creation chain. High-quality materials, a strict quality management system and high global production standards ensure the long service life and low maintenance requirements of our electric motors. We rely on latest production systems and production technologies like KAIZEN, 5S, visual management, shop floor management and quality circles.