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What are the challenges of digitalisation?

How are employees involved in the digital change? What can be done to alleviate fears and to optimally utilise potentials? These were the questions the latest working conference of the HanseBelt employers’ initiative. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, a founder member, already implemented a “workplace of the future” at its headquarters.


Bargteheide , 2017-08-08

Here, assembly work employees are supported, for example with Augmented Reality and 3D animations or can even perform order picking via voice control. With these measures, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS intends to further increase the quality and efficiency of production – the aim is to eliminate all faults.The workplace of the future is but one example of the so-called digital transformation that many companies are currently engaged in. The members of the HanseBelt employers’ initiative discussed how this transformation can be made a success at a working conference that took place at Lübeck in early July. One of the major insights: the awareness of the human component in the digital transformation has to grow. There is a need for special social skills in the management departments so that employees can feel their fears and concerns are taken seriously. In several workshops, the conference participants explored ways and means to involve employees in the change processes. “The great interest in the event showed that the digitalisation of production processes is a major topic,” sums up Jan-Willem-Roes, head of the HanseBelt workgroup “Corporate Culture”.

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