Support with maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures a long service life of drive systems. It would be a short-sighted strategy to only take action in case a fault occurs. The reason is that the costs for fault corrections usually exceed the saved maintenance costs.

Our maintenance services:

  • Regular checks/NORD Smart Check
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Scheduled repairs
  • General overhauls

Regular maintenance means calculable costs, high system availability and scheduled downtimes.

Our maintenance service packages

Regular checks/NORD Smart Check

NORD Smart Check is our modular service package. It comprises the check of your NORD drive components. With this, you may increase the operational safety and system availability, and reduce unscheduled downtimes as well as and your maintenance costs. For In the context of the Smart Check, we develop a transparent and comprehensive documentation including recommendations for action. Our service experts provide consultation in terms of planning and implementation of upcoming maintenance measures.

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NORD SmartCheck Basic Advanced Premium
General visual inspection for damage, wear and oil leakage
Checking the drives for unusual running noises
Checking installation position according to name plate
Marking the checked drives with a status label (traffic light icon)
Collection of drive data and status information in the form of a table plus a recommendation for action at the time of check (traffic light icon)
Surface temperature measurement
Brake wear control (air gap) ✔* ✔*
Vent function check ✔* ✔*
Oil level check ✔*
Reading of operating hours “Running time” (NORD inverter) ✔*
Reading of operating parameters (NORD inverter) ✔*

*if present

Preventative maintenance

During maintenance, all recommended wearing parts are replaced, and the drive is checked by experienced service technicians for faultless functioning. We point out any damage found, and provide recommendations for further action. The preventive replacement of wearing parts reduces the risk of unscheduled downtimes. This leads to the reduction of unnecessary wear on other parts, an increased system availability, and a longer product life. Maintenance is an important factor for the sustainable use of your durable NORD drive.

Scheduled repairs

During repair, a failed or conspicuous drive component (e.g. motor, gear unit or frequency inverter) is checked by NORD, and all defective components are replaced, if requested.

The repair is carried out by qualified specialist personnel using original spare parts, and comprises the cleaning and checking of all components, the replacement of damaged or worn parts, and the renewal of seals, bearings and the gear oil. On completion, a final acceptance takes place, to allow for further operation and thus a longer service life.

  • Advantages of a high-quality, reliable and safe recovery of damaged or defective drive components by NORD
  • Assignment of qualified specialist personnel having the necessary expertise and experience in the respective field
  • Detailed diagnosis and analysis of the cause of failure, and establishment of required repair measures
  • Use of original parts
  • Final inspection and quality control after the repair
  • Warranty for the performed work and replaced spare parts
  • Transparent, open and cooperative partnership. The determination of damages and defective components, and the recommendations for action take place in close coordination with the customer.
  • Saving of environmental resources as the components and the product can usually be reused

In case the repair of the defective drive component is uneconomical, we will make an alternative offer for a new product of the current series.

General overhaul: For a long product life

During general overhaul, the drive is completely dismantled. All components are cleaned, and defective and wearing parts are replaced. After reassembly, functional testing is carried out, and the drive is freshly painted before the delivery. Thanks to the sustainable general overhaul, the product life of the high-quality NORD products can be significantly extended.

Get to know our maintenance service!

Our competent service team will be glad to assist you with the maintenance of your NORD drive components.

Condition Monitoring

We support the continuous condition monitoring of our drive solutions with the aid of a wide range of sensors, software architectures and interfaces. This not only allows for permanent data collection and processing but also for predictive maintenance and thus increased efficiency and availability of your drive technology.

Digitale Services and Self Services

The quick answer to all questions regarding our service. Easily find the documentation and spare parts for your order with your NORD product ID. Contact our service or sales department. Or log into our myNORD customer portal, design NORD products yourself, select them and order them.

Spare parts and spare parts management

Failures and technical problems cost time and money. To ensure that you will receive optimum support in case of a problem, we are ready to help you at any time and offer a 24/7 service for spare parts, replacement drives and technical support. Our experienced engineers and technicians solve your machine and drive problems quickly and efficiently.